Camilo Pinzón from Bogota, Colombia | Classic Porsche Restoration



I found Camilo on facebook and was impressed by the classic 356 Porsches he restores. For me is clear that I definetly have to visit Camilo in Bogota when the Corona Shit is over.

Muchas Gracias for the interview amigo!


1. What was the first car you felt in love with
Jaguar E type 1:18 scale British racing green my father give me one Christmas back in the 80’s


2. Where did the love story with Porsche begin?
My father had his first Porsche in 1988 911 targa red one when I was 7 , as soon I got off the school bus went straight to the garage almost everyday, stayed in mine mind since there


3. Do you believe that cars have a soul?
Lots of soul; each one have its own character, express the personality of the owner, you can see the scars in the patina.


4. Air-cooled or water-cooled?
Both, I own a gt4 an blows my mind but the feeling of a 930 or a 993 its from another world, addictive.


5. What is your best moment with a Porsche?
Cruising my city Bogota, COLOMBIA


6. What are you feeling while driving a Porsche?
The best feeling ever, you feel free like in a motorcycle but 10 times better, you are in a PORSCHE, on top on everybody else.


7. What are you doing for living?
Restore classic Porsches, build 356 réplicas, race my gt4, import Porsche to Colombia.


8. What was a struggling situation in your life and how did you get out of there?
Starting your dream is never easy I begun building cafe racers before working with Porsches so it have been a long process full of up and downs but my mind is always set and focus in my dreams so That helps me overcome every situation


9. What makes you happy in your life?
Doing what I do best. Working with Porsches, my Doberman, enjoying life as much as possible, travel and going out dinner with my girl


10. Which advise can you give to a young lad?
Never never give up


Many many thanks for your time and the nice words!
We will see us in Bogota.

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